Vacuum-Microwave Plant

Microwaves energy has become widely used for dehydration in many areas of industry. The efficient absorption of microwave energy directly into the product to remove moisture homogeneously, makes it an attractive energy source, specifically in the  food industry.

If a vacuum is suitably applied to the microwave dehydration process,  a quick and gentle drying occurs at low temperature, helping to retain key characteristics including high nutrient levels, natural colors and flavors. When used in combination with a conventional air dryer, fruits and/or vegetables can be pre-dried and then “puffed” during the vacuum-microwave process by the high internal steam pressure that can be achieved.  Entirely new end products with unique characteristics can be produced.Blaubeeren

An example is the drying of blueberries. The line above shows the combination of conventional pre-drying and microwave -. vacuum drying The complete process of inclusive material handling, washing and handling of the trays was by designed and constructed binder.

The final product is characterized by its outstanding appearance, taste and preservation of all important ingredients (vitamins, minerals, etc.).