Contact-Belt Dryer

BINDER’s Contact-Belt dryers are ideal for applications where the properties of the load eliminate the opportunity to use a convection ventilated belt system.┬áThese include powdery, sticky, lumpy and highly viscous products, and products with a delicate structure that may be exposed before and during the drying process to mechanical stress.

The product is applied to a PTFE coated Kevlar or fiberglass cloth belt and exposed to contact heating through the drying zones.

A carrier gas, usually air, is used to remove the moisture. The process can be adjusted via the parameter hotplate temperature, carrier gas humidity, temperature and carrier gas velocity.

The energy input to the product is thus largely due to the contact heating and is supported by conditioned supply air for the collection of the vapors.

Examples of use:

  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industries for the drying of mechanically sensitive products
  • Dye chemistry with small batch production and frequent product changes
  • Ceramic industry for drying of high-quality suspensions
  • Film and film drying
  • Drying and roasting of powdery products
  • Paint sludge drying for recycling or proper disposal