Sludge Drying Plants

BINDER sludge dryers remove residual moisture, from a wide variety of sludge, to as low as 1 %. The convective belt drying of sewage sludge has the following advantages:

  • Mass reduction of about 70%sludge
  • Reduction of disposal costs
  • Disinfection of the sludge
  • Utilization of waste heat

By using a centrifuge, 25-30% solids dewatered sludge is extruded onto the conveyor belt. The solidified product strands form well on the belt before entering the dryer. The drying belt goes through several individually controlled heating zones. Depending on your needs continuously preheated fresh air is supplied for the process.

Almost all of the process technology parameters can be continuously adjusted. Thus, it is possible, depending on the application to set the optimum process stability. Fully automatic control of the operation is possible without supervision.

Both  the mechanisms for  loading the wet sludge, as well as for the discharge into a  container,  are offered by BINDER through the appropriate filling and handling equipment.